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REMBRANDT® series of complete in situ hybridisation (ISH) and Detection kits for histopathology, cytology and microbiology. The REMBRANDT® series has been designed for the cost-effective processing of paraffin embedded tissue sections, cytological specimens and frozen sections to detect viral DNA and RNA by using the ISH technique.
The complete kits have been designed like a building block structure, which enables the availability of all parts and separate components of the complete kits for those researchers who prefer to use their own probes maintaining the ease of use of optimised ready to use supplementary reagents. Also a wide range of compatible biotin or digoxigenin labelled DNA and RNA probes are available.

 Anti BIO-AP, NBT/BCIP Detection system  Anti BIO-HRP, AEC Detection system
 Anti DIG-AP, NBT/BCIP Detection system  Anti DIG-HRP, AEC Detection system
 Biotin labeled specific probes  Digoxigenin labeled specific probes