DNA and RNA in situ hybridisation light microscopy products

REMBRANDT® in situ Hybridisation and Detection kits

The REMBRANDT® Series of in-situ hybridisation (ISH) and Detection kits are designed for use in detection of specific DNA and RNA sequences in paraffin embedded tissue sections, cytological specimens and frozen sections by using the highly sensitive and specific ISH technique without losing the often very essential morphological details. All REMBRANDT® products contain probes that have been labelled by either biotin or digoxigenin using.

Each REMBRANDT® kit meets the very strict quality requirements of Panpath's extensive Product Development, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures according to ISO 9001 and GMP guidelines ensuring optimised products with reproducible results. A comprehensive troubleshooting guide is included in the manual enclosed with each kit. In addition, technical and customer support services of both PanPath and its specialised distributors will provide you with the best possible support.